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Sanur Area and Beach

Sanur Area and Beach
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Sanur Area and Beach


Sanur Area and Beach ( 15 Minutes From The Graha Cakra Bali Hotel )

Sanur Beach is one of the first resort areas in Bali. Sanur features several small connected beaches that are all quiet, with a pleasant paved path where locals and expats enjoy morning jogs against the rising sun.Sites to see in Sanur include its collection of historical landmarks, such as the Le Mayeur Museum located right beside the beach art market, and the ancient and mysterious Blanjong inscription, well hidden behind the modern traffic and lines of restaurants and cafes.​.

The coastline of Sanur spans some 8km from north to south, between the coastal border of the Gianyar regency and the mangrove forest in southern Denpasar. Along this distance end to end, you will be able to enjoy several notable beaches, as ‘Sanur Beach’. The paved footpath connects all these coasts, and provides a great morning jogging track and scenic cycling routes. Starting from the south there is Mertasari Beach in the sub-village area of Blanjong, Semawang Beach accessible from Jalan Danau Poso, Pantai Karang or ‘Reef Beach’, Segara Ayu Beach, the main Sindhu Beach with the legendary Grand Bali Beach and where the footpath ends. Further north are the less popular beaches of Pantai Matahari Terbit or ‘Sunrise Coast’ and the black sand beach of Padanggalak, many point of interest is.

  • Bali Sea welker  ( 25 Minutes From The Graha Cakra Bali Hotel ).
  • Le Mayeur Museum ( 15 Minute From The Graha cakra Bali Hotel ).
  • Bali Sharks  ( 20 Minutes From The Graha Cakra Bali Hotel ).
  • Bali Kites Festival ( 20 Minutes From The Graha Cakra bali Hotel ).
  • Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC ( 20 Minutes from The Graha Cakra Bali Hotel ).
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