The Graha Cakra Hotels were first established in 1994, with the opening of the Graha Cakra in Malang-East Java. The Graha Cakra Bali Hotel is a sister hotel and is set in the same exclusive style.

The original concept, which still serves as the foundation of the company's philosophy, was to introduce a new dimention in hospitality to the Indonesian culture on as many levels as possible.

The GRAHA CAKRA HOTEL brand is synonymous with distinctive architecture and interior design balanced with functionality and service. Through the use of local arts, crafts and culture, high standards of local craftsmanship are uniquely presented in numerous details – antique as well as new.

The commitment to create an Indonesian atmosphere requires creativity and innovation and involves a balance of colour and ornamentation. Graha Cakra Hotels décor incorporates a subtle blend of multi-cultural Indonesian influences, reflecting the warmth and grace of the Indonesian people. The interiors are smart and elegant and facilitate personal interaction. A multi-cultural grace radiates throughout each hotel. Anyone stepping inside a Graha Cakra Hotel will encounter many agreeable surprises. As one guest has said,